We'll Patch Up Your Damaged Carpet

Let us restore the condition of your carpets

In areas where your carpet sees a lot of traffic, it may see plenty of wear and tear. If you've come across areas where your carpets have been damaged or worn down, turn to DENCO Cleaning and Restoration for a repair or stretching service. If your carpets are damaged beyond a state of repair, we can replace them for you.

Dial 904-608-9209 now for a free estimate on carpet repair or stretching.

Carpet Repairs and Stretching in Jacksonville, FL

We'll address your carpet damage

Rippled carpet? Don't panic. If your carpet has deteriorated over time, you may not have to replace it. You can trust the professionals at DENCO Cleaning and Restoration to repair them for you. We can confront issues such as:

  • Wrinkles and ripples
  • Holes, tears and burns
  • Pet damage
  • Fraying
  • Separated seams
You can count on DENCO Cleaning and Restoration to repair your damaged carpet.

Carpet Repair in Jacksonville, FL