Carpet Repairs & Stretching

Carpet Repair in Jacksonville, FL

We'll Patch Up Your Damaged Carpet

Trust us to restore your carpets to their original beauty

Have you worn a path through your carpets? Do your pets love playing with the frayed edge? You don't have to replace your carpets just yet. Turn to DENCO Cleaning and Restoration for carpet repair.

We can solve issues like...

  • Holes, tears and burns
  • Separated seams
  • Pet damage
  • Fraying

If we can't repair your damaged carpets, we can replace them for you. Call 904-608-9209 now to get a free carpet repair estimate.

Carpet Repairs and Stretching in Jacksonville, FL

Rippled carpet? Don't panic.

We'll use a powerful carpet stretcher to smooth out wrinkles without ripping your carpets. Vacuuming your carpets will be so much easier when we're through.

Plus, you won't have to watch where you step while walking across your living room with your morning coffee or a glass of red wine. Contact DENCO Cleaning and Restoration today for carpet stretching services.